Four Stars is not Enough !

A bouquet for youIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Four Stars.”

No way Jose,  four stars are not enough,

We earn ten at least, getting here is rough.

That amazing journey through the birth canal;

Squeezing, twisting, turning –  a slap on the butt is not banal.

Red eyed and open lungs a burning, where is the water where I once was churning.

Rapid growth that stretch the limbs – not to mention the oral gems..

Teething, sneezing make it stop; I want to eat chop chop chop.

Learning to walk and trying to talk,  It’s no joke I’ll eat my sock !

The endless effort and occasional wins, are just a prelude to original sins.

We’ve earned our stripes and walk with pride, by the time we’re six we can confide…….

that life is also a devlish ride.

We steal our fun from prying eyes and make our way with much surprise.

How brave and bright we truly are who carry on….

while raising the bar.

Alas the time has finally come,  and we’re of age to hear the drum.

So take a look and see the youth, that for you and me will always be truth.

Inside,  outside,  show and tell..I’m so proud of where we dwell.

Hug yourself and know your wonder for part of the fun is embracing the blunder.

In the end let’s raise a glass ! To us,! en mass we’re a gas ..

Stars oh yes we’ll have a batch, but only four,  that’s not a match.

Love yourself this one’s on me.  I come to you on bended knee

Our hearts are one, our  Souls are free so what I say is ” Live and let Be ” !



April 19, 2015 · 5:52 pm

5 responses to “Four Stars is not Enough !

  1. Ha. Love your title, and you are absolutely right. Getting a life right is as hard as getting all the pieces of a movie to come together. You seem to be doing all right , however. Great post! Keep going…

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