all there isIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

How lucky are we who have the tools to express ourselves with words,  gestures, laughter, cries, sighs and all manner of body language.  We can dance and write and sing or maybe shout or kick and scream.  If we think about it, almost every moment is a personal choice of some manner of expressing who we are and what we are feeling.  Even in silence we  expose a momentary truth. Spontaneous responses and tender deliveries uncover and define us.  Some of us reveal with great relish this spirit that animates us and offers us a sense of belonging.

Is not the value of our experiences somehow heightened when we are able to share them?  Often when I have had an outstanding occurrence, my first instinct is to run and reveal it with great detail and enthusiasm to a partner, friend or relative.  The pleasure of reliving it with every telling is the bonus.   The oral passage of our myths and history exemplify the importance of our need to express ourselves and give credence to our very being.  Traditional storytelling remains an art and words are chosen with great care.

Along with these many considerations, what comes to mind are the times when words have proven inadequate. Some experiences can strip us of our individuality and merge us to a greater force that is not describable.   Many years ago I had the opportunity to ascend a long spiral staircase that led me to the very top of a lighthouse.  As I stood before the full length window the sun’s light and heat engulfed me;  I could no longer see and my sensations catapulted me to the  some place across the water;  I felt I had merged with all there is.  When I descended and joined my waiting friend, I was without words  I did not speak,  nor knew what I might say.  Similarly when my father passed away,  there were no words, and even my feelings were at bay. The overwhelming sentiments of seeing my daughter for the first time could never be described.  These are all  phenomenon that carried my consciousness to a place without boundaries.   Some experiences  are contained within and perhaps are the building blocks that nurture and strengthen those private parts that are ours to keep for eternity.




April 19, 2015 · 7:13 am

8 responses to “Unmentionables

  1. Oops…I think you can correct my “perhaps.” I was too fast in hitting the post button.


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    Steff is housesitting for me for 6 weeks while I drive to the States and hobnob with old friends and family. I am afraid I nudged her to forma a blog and she is already addicted! I like that in a person. Wanted you to check her out. She is worthy of a follow! Judy

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  5. How generous Judy … thank you.


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