As above so below

 colour In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

Let me begin by reassuring you that my feet are planted firmly on the ground.  I am an earth sign and I believe that my analytical mind is first concerned with logic.. it is the way I understand things.

Having written (not said)  that , most of my time is taken up by exploring the vast expanses of the unseen world. I am intrigued, lured and completely captivated by a good ghost story.  Psychic phenomenon keeps me spellbound.  In fact I am often baffled by those who favor the scientific approach, and do not acknowledge that which is not in material form. Although, they will walk over to the radio turn the dial and not question the invisible waves that carry sound to our systems.

As I understand it,  we are all resonate beings and hum and drum , hiss and fiddle to our own personal vibrations… Wow !  What a treat it would be to view that by some new fangled piece of technology.  I am sure it has been done.  I wonder how that would impact our understanding of how we all fit together here on this sweet earth of ours. We would no doubt witness a mass of colours doing a poetic dance, pulling apart and colliding.  Our individuality would exist only as it connects with all that surrounds us.  Cradled in the embrace of  reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos and  violets.

Rainbows have a huge impact on me.  I am immediately exalted at the sight of one and feel an uplifting internal tickle  when they appear in the shape of a protective arc in that expansive reach overhead .  This display of prismatic wonder  is also a perfect example of the  order that permeates even that which we can only perceive as chaos.    How ideal that our own chakra system is represented with these very same colours beginning with the strength of red at our root, travelling upward through the spectrum and arriving at divine violet that sits at our crown.

It is this information that assists me in accepting that I too am a manifestation of light.  That my  52 trillion cells all bouncing about, creating colour and noise,  vibration, scents, sadness and joy,  will one day scatter and find their way back to source from whence they came.  This ever changing habitat to which some of us arrive and others exit is renewed daily on some unseen level.  I am thrilled to be a contributor;  a part of this global family.  Although, admittedly spending  much of it on my own, grounded in logic disguised at times with flights of fancy to wherever my untethered mind might imagine itself to be.  I embrace  all these colours  and perceive  their individual strengths and weakness as a support and confirmation that they like we are here to rely upon each other.

I wish everyone who visits me here  and all those that don’t to have a day that delights in the recognition that we are an integral part of today and that this is just another  way to express the universal need to connect.  Hug Yourself !



April 20, 2015 · 6:16 pm

7 responses to “As above so below

  1. Paul

    These are subjects that are quite difficult to express clearly … As you say, ‘sometimes the words can not be found’. But you have found sweet, powerful and telling words to express your thoughts.
    Beautiful, revealing poetic writing.
    Congratulations. Paul

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  2. Hi, Steff…Just finding time to try to read the posts I follow and have enjoyed yours…Had more adventures today getting lost in Phoenix…Now at my sis’s house and heading for Ontario tomorrow to see my stepson and wife…a thrill a minute.

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  3. Hi Steff,

    Your writing here reminds me of Douglas Harding’s “The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth”

    He took 9 years to complete this amazing piece of mystic genius.
    And just like Einstein’s relativity theory, he logically fits the layers of the onion together according to the point of observation of the observer.
    He reiterates that as apparent human beings we rely on all our ‘layers’
    However, as who we really, really are at the centre of the onion, is no-thing at all!

    And he spent his life (97yrs) giving workshops all over the planet to demonstrate how easy and simple it is for everybody to See.

    Check it out at

    Warm regards,

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  4. I will look him up, thanks for the feedback, ever learning, still do not know my way around this blog very well,


  5. Joe

    Wow! Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. It resonated with me so much and it’s nice to see there are people out there who “get it.” Keep up the good work.

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