If the Truth be Told

showing upIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company”

I  say not !

Discuss the lot ,

Polite is not my measure ,

Although I may feel  pressure ,

I wish to find the treasure .

I’ve no time for genteel,

For me it’s more precious to be real.

When first we meet , it’s incomplete,

But within an hour,

If we share our power,

We will know …..

.If we be friend or

We be foe

Opposites attract ,now that’s a fact,

so let’s dive in and take it on the chin,

If and when we disagree,

Big deal, there is no fee,

But, I will know you,

And you will know me.

I give praise to those who are brave.

They speak their mind ,

They’re not a slave.

Blurt it out, but don’t be unkind.

When we’re done and have had some fun raising our dander while we banter,

We’ll walk away without regret nor will we forget our genuine duet.

We’ll meet again if it went well,

And if not, we’ll have things to tell.

We can be honest without being hostile, if we differ to much,

We can then make a pact , when we next get in touch,

To steer clear of the subjects that make us react.

But at least our meeting has covered some ground,

and like or dislike, when I see you around

I won’t hit the ground

although my feelings may well be drowned

Religion and politics are hot items to wrangle,

I hope by the end you’re no one I might strangle,

I hate to admit it but I’ve been polite,

what comes up for me is go fly a kite

Perhaps it IS wise to tread softly at first,

So  those that your meeting don’t see your worst.




April 21, 2015 · 3:59 pm

4 responses to “If the Truth be Told

  1. Paul

    This is a great argument for the virtues of open discussion. Don’t hold back. Tell it as it is. But be polite.
    What a lovely, vibrant piece poetry, Steff.


  2. yes, but what about the ending ?


  3. I agree with your wise words. Stay cool. don’t be the fool. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thanks for your comment, kind of late but still learning my way around this site.


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