What Matters

contactIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

I am not a list person…. I try to be, but I am not successful.  I have too many places I might put them, purse, wallet, zippered pockets, jacket pockets, pant pockets,  I can’t keep track of them… Sometimes I just leave them on the counter before I go out the door but because I have written them down I remember the items more readily….there’s a case for making them anyway… I do think they are helpful….I love reading lists,  they are a quick and easy way to get the information..

Here is a list of what matters to me.

1   Health is most important…under this heading comes  food, clean air, clean water, and playful physical activity.

2   Having a  creative outlet.  Creativity is a co-mingling of the right and left brain hemisphere. The use of our imaginations.

3   Relationships,  one sure way to “Know Thyself”  this includes belonging to a family/community/group etc.

4   Having enough money for a comfortable living.  This includes sharing and helping those that are in need.

5   Taking responsibility for our bodies and our lives.. this is empowering ..and health making.

6    Honest representations of who we are… this is courageous.  Finding and using our voice.

7    Aspiring to evolve to a higher consciousness…Accessing our higher mind .

8    Having meaningful rituals in our lives that mark our rights of passage.

9    Experiencing our sexuality.

10  Loving ourselves and doing unto others and we would have done unto us.

There’s more but i’ll stop there.




April 23, 2015 · 6:06 pm

3 responses to “What Matters

  1. Hi Steff,

    This famous Michelangelo picture of Adam reaching up to God was also the inspiration for the front cover of my book (The Logic of God). However, there is a slight, but to me very telling difference. I managed to track down the artist in the UK to obtain his permission to publish.



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