Let’s be Barter Buddies.

Reiki room In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Barter System.”

I  like the barter system;  trading off our talents and skills.  Would it deepen our understanding of how reliant we are on  one  another?  This may be a truth that has become somewhat obscure.  It is my notion that self esteem would rise as we become a fabric of our community through contribution.  We might  flourish, be happier people while learning how to make fair and intelligent pacts.  Instead of growing  competiton, a mutual respect might surface..  Bonds would be made, friendships forged, law suits might vanish..  We would enjoy the empowerment that comes from being more fully responsible for ourselves.  Take the money and run would not exist.  Once our needs were handled we would be reticent  to leave our community.  It might be more primitive,  but I guess I am okay with that.

Money has become a curious thing.. It is not a valid representation of one’s contribution.  One artist may be glorified, and another just as exciting may be overlooked.  Teachers who hold the importance of inspiring and molding our young are not given their worth.  You might win the lottery and become a multi millionaire overnight,  while some Ph.D’s  are serving coffee.   Banksters help themselves without repercussion.  Money has somehow moved to the front of the line, and is now the main focus. At least at times that is how it appears to me.  Both the food industry and Big Pharma are concerned with profit  not health..

I would welcome a bartering world.  I would do well,  jack-of-all-trades that I am. I can paint your house or your portrait.. I might provide you some counsel in my holistic ways or sew you a dress for those special days.  I’m a whizz in the kitchen and serve you in health and if you have any pets their care would be stealth. , I’d redecorate your house, with my touch of feng shui  or perform Reiki and chase your pains away. I could write your correspondence or edit your book.   I’m great at make overs, your hair cut and styled,  your makeup and wardrobe can all be upscaled.   If you need to learn English I have ESL.  You’ll be so pleased all the neighbors you’ll tell.

You’d think with these skills I’d be rolling  in dough, but barter is better cause it just isn’t so.



April 27, 2015 · 1:18 am

4 responses to “Let’s be Barter Buddies.

  1. Simran Gandhi

    Hola! what would you like to have in exchange of a makeover? :p
    Well written! 🙂
    “Money has become a curious thing.. It is not a valid representation of one’s contribution.” I liked this line particularly! 🙂


  2. i like the amount of thought you put into your posts, Steff. You make so many good points in this one. What do you want in barter for your woman with the three roosters painting? If you wish to keep her in your life, of course, I will give her a safe home for as long as is necessary. You should avail yourself of my studio to paint more!


  3. An thought provoking post written intelligently. You are a talented soul with lots of concern. I liked reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. wow, I am still learning how to maneuver about on this site so just spotted your generous feedback.
    thank you so much !


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