Que sera sera

meanderingIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Happy Wanderer.”

I have put the two travel styles to the test.  Here are my findings.

I can be a meticulous type,  it is in my nature to pay attention to the details.  I have planned trips where all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  I check schedules for buses and ferries, then more buses.  I research my destination and make note of special interests, check entrance fees and hours,  perhaps even weather conditions, and anything else I might think of.  Unfortunately when I do it that way my nervous system becomes negatively involved and tension occurs because now I have a very tight and regimented itinerary to follow… what comes up for me is yuk, a little bit anyways.  It is stressful to deal with the idea of missing rides and sails that I have attached myself to. It all feels rigid.   I do not carry a cell phone nor wear a watch.  I have no GPS,  and my car is not digitalized.  I  like to rely on myself and play guessing games with myself like “what time might it be ” I am usually amazingly close… and sometimes if I haven’t a clue I simply decide that it doesn’t matter.

I have taken many trips using the other method.. I live on an island, so going anywhere involves a ferry.  I enjoy packing and getting myself ready in a comfortable and relaxed manner.  When I am ready I leave; sometimes I do not even know the time when I walk out the door.   On arrival  at the ferry terminal I learn which Ferry I will be on.  The surroundings are pleasant, I have a book,  and I am happier feeling that my little journey has a mind of it’s own and I am in harmony with my intention to get where I am going. In this unfettered state I am aware that my body is emanating something soft and kind. All parts of the travel is pleasant.  I am free and untethered, and that is how I would choose to feel most of the time.  It matters not when I get there. I so like to lay myself in the hands of circumstance and exercise trust.  That is my preference.   But, as they say, to each his own.



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13 responses to “Que sera sera

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  2. Love your “trusting” nature…
    For me it is always fresh and new and whispering “all is well.”

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  3. thank you again….it’s exciting not knowing what ‘s around the corner.. it’s why I go to foreign places.


  4. I prefer the second way, which is more how Mexico seems to operate. I love your picture for your blog! It perfectly illustrates your name and tagline. Did you take it???

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  5. Paul Hoban

    I so wish I could travel like that. You express your preference so lucidly and clearly; and in such relaxed prose that it makes me want to take off right now.
    A lovely piece of writing.

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  6. To much planning is not my type of travel. I love spontaneity and little adventure involved. That’s the reason I never go for Make my trip. Com or other tourist packages.

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  7. You live on an island!? That’s neat.

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