Change for the Better

may15th  2015 030In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

Sometimes we like things one way and other times another,

Change is part of every day, and I,m not thinking of the weather.

Die hard opinions are not recommended, judgements are pointless too,

If we believe what we’ve been told, for sure one day we’ll  rue.

Because what was of yesterday, tomorrow’s no longer true.

Don’t listen to the Gurus, the Kings and Queens that rule,

Your gut will tell you clearly, for they’re just full of bull

Remember when they told us breastfeeding is no good,

We’ll sell you this here formula, it’s a wonder food.

Smoking’s not addictive and will help you through the day,

A sign that it’s working is when your skin turns grey.

Forgive  me please, I know it’s hard to quit.

I fought long and hard myself and this I will admit.

I am free now,  OMG! I never thought it would happen,

But I switched sides and realized smoking was really rotten.

I hope I haven’t said to much, I’ve no desire to offend,

For way back when I started, I new not where I’d end.

The end has come however, and I wish to leave you this,

You’ll know you did the right thing when you feel the bliss.



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