Oh, If Only !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Idyllic.”

Think big, stand tall

When I think of community,  my mind first goes to family.. the characteristics of family are in essence extended to community in an ideal setting.  The absence of fear is almost difficult to fathom as most of us have experienced threat on some level,  but I think that is one point which would greatly enhance our connection to community.  Knowing that we are supported and can address both our needs and our short comings without fear of retribution would be a step in the right direction.

Laughter has wonderful healing qualities.  If I were King, I would organize comedic skits and plays,  stand up comedy, and whatever other creative ventures might be organized for the purpose of uniting people with laughter.  Music and dance clubs would be regular occurrence in my jurisdiction.  There would be some real effort put into creating a happy society.   Barter would be common place and we would have improved value for each other.

Schools would be quite different as well, as we would teach the basic reading writing and arithmetic , and then a child’s natural abilities and leanings would be enhanced upon.  The chronic compulsion to strive to be the best and beat out others would be replaced by learning to make valuable contribution to the group and seeing your own value in it..  Competition, contests and the like would not be necessary in a world where  the goal was team effort and team support.  In other words,  “One for all and all for One”.  These are all sustainable and feasible goals.

The other day I walked along the street thinking of the dissent that is currently pitting  people against people.  Good people turned murderous due to ideas of the mind.  Well a mind can be changed by altering the thinking.  I often think that if everyone just refused to go to war.. simply refused,  there would be no one to fight them.  I really like and believe the phrase… Be the change you want to see.

I hope that one day we will fully realize how powerful we are and that we are the only ones who can begin now to create the world as we want it.  The choices we make every moment speak loudly.  We can accept what we want and refuse what does not serve us. If we know that plastic bottles make us ill,  do not buy anything that comes in one.  We are programmed to shop, but most of the stuff, we do not need.  It begins with our awareness, and conscious change… We are all in it together.


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May 6, 2015 · 3:50 am

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