Forgiveness : What a Good Idea !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forgive and Forget?.”

Betrayal is a deep and painful injury.  It is my opinion that it is impossible to get through a lifetime without knowing betrayal as the perpetrator and as the victim of.  It appears that life sets it up so that we may learn to forgive.

What I would like to disclose about my experience with forgiveness is not so personal as it is global. However,  having written that, I am not sure one can differentiate these two.   On a personal level we forgive not for someone else, but for ourselves.  In my Angel Cards,  Doreen Virtue writes about forgiveness.  She states correctly that forgiving means that we are no longer willing to carry the pain and anger of someone else’s actions.  I think that describes it.

I have had many betrayals by parents and family members, and forgiveness was not only difficult, but also tricky.  How many times I thought I had forgiven, only to be triggered and realize once again that I had not forgiven at all.

I have come to believe that forgiveness is never over and done with,  but for me it is wise to make forgiveness a daily practice.  That is the only way I can maintain an even emotional keel, and a loving attitude.  I can step into my car and half way down the street might need to forgive some one.  The day may unfold in such a way that I may, silently to myself saying.. “I forgive You”  many times.  If I make  a conscious  effort to be aware of keeping forgiveness present with me though out the day I gather no moss.

I can also spend time forgiving the assumed aggressors of war and violence around the planet and instead of allowing the anger to expand, I can see everyone as a good human simply confused or manipulated into aggressive acts.. Forgiveness helps to alter the energy and maintain a kinder attitude.

To me forgiveness is one of if not the most important things I can practice.

I have some incredible stories in my background from which I would not have survived without the ability to forgive.  Forgiveness frees us to love.


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May 8, 2015 · 2:32 am

One response to “Forgiveness : What a Good Idea !

  1. Joe

    Very nice. I wrote some similar stuff for this prompt. I think I may have found a blog to frequent often.

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