New Fangled Thinking

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”

I could do a cause….

I would throw myself whole heartedly into a very specialized education program.  You see, I have some pretty funny,  as in “Out There”  ideas.  I believe we are tremendously creative people.   In fact we are creating all the time, non stop, even when we’re sleeping.  I believe we couldn’t stop creating if we tried.   I believe that !…. when I look around at my life… good, bad and in between,  I think….”Look what I have created”  That’s where the education program would begin… We would all understand that we are 100% responsible for our lives.  This alone would kick in parts of our brain and thinking that at present is not available to us because we often hold others responsible for our experiences.

When I was little,  I used to love holy pictures.  I remember looking at one that depicted life at a temple.  It had some beautiful women in it wearing flowing toga type robes,  big white columns and stairs leading to a pool.  Among the people there were lions and tigers and they sat with the ladies while being petted.  I was always in awe of that picture because I was told that those animals were wild and could eat a person.  The longer I gazed at it, I came to understand that the reason they could all wander amongst each other was… because there was no fear.

That just allows my mind to fathom what it might be like for 7 billion people on this planet to surrender their fear.. I know that is a tall order,  but if you consider that all fears are located either in the future (something that might happen) or the past (something that has already happened) it seems logical that if we hold our consciousness in the present, fear would vanish.  Meditation is an excellent practice for developing mental discipline.  Fear is a state of mind.  We do have choice as to what state of mind we occupy.

I think it is really important for us to address the state of our reality and how our realities are created.  I watched a program the other day that stated there is enough food on this planet today to feed 11 billion people.  So why aren’t we ?  How is it that while a cholera epidemic was taking place in Haiti due to lack of clean water,  barges with millions of litres were sitting off shore for months because of red tape.  We are not listening to common sense,  we are listening to  politicians whose priority is maintaining status. This topic seems endless to me;  but my point is this:  with restructuring our thought processes, we tap into an altered  emotive state.  Now we are building a world with new previously unavailable mental material, sourcing a new potential.   This new state is one in which we co-create with the forces of the natural world.  The Chi, or Prana,  we feel connected to and supported by moves us to create possibilities  that we were once not even able to imagine.  We move forward in trust, not fear; we do not compete with each other but support each other.   This is living in an entirely different paradigm which is why we could never conjure the finished product… Living without the eye on the prize because knowing we are part of a continuum that supports all life.

It is time for us to deny a system that enslaves, and know that we are capable of much more.

So,  this would be my cause…


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May 17, 2015 · 1:42 am

One response to “New Fangled Thinking

  1. Paul

    Beautifully presented ideas. I do hope your world unfolds.


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