What Year ?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

Resolutions were fun, but for the moment I’m done.

Things are lovely, day to day is more fun.

Easy does it, what’s the rush?  take a  moment,  that’s the best.

You can’t bank time, saving it is a farce,  so be my guest,

Relax, unwind, deep breath, and see, the way to go

Is smoother when we disengage,  go with the flow.

Ambition is a strange preoccupation, more about the ego

and legislation….than getting next to your amigo

Rejoice for all we have, which when you note,

Brings us back  to things remote.

That live inside us where we feel,

A want to be together and experience the real.

Be in the world, not of the world, so break the tether.

Spinning wheels and racing against time, what a bother,

Year after year, who’s keeping track ?

I like the season’s to tell me where I’m at.

Jumping through hoops and first at the finish line.

This is  not a game of mine.

Been there done that, now I much rather

Contemplate it all while sitting in a shrine.

Yup,  this year and next, no expectations,

Neither disappointments nor aggravations,

Day to day, do what I can

If something big happens, I make a new plan.

This is sustainable and will last a life span.




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3 responses to “What Year ?

  1. Good resolutions for the coming year based on wisdom gleaned from past ones.

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  2. Wonderful posting, and the flow of your words, I love.


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