To Health !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

We have lived with Cancer for several decades.. It was probably around for longer than that,  but it has been in the last few decades that it has become prevalent. Most disheartening  is the occurrence of child diagnosis.   The word Cancer still carries with it tremendous fear,  and for this reason, I would choose to rid us of this affliction.

Health in general is a curious thing.  We try to make intelligent decisions, but sometimes it appears no more than a crap shoot.  I have heard of fit people who never smoked or drank,  exercised religiously, ate well and then suffered heart attacks at the age of 40 or 50…Then there are those that have inflicted all manner of abuse on their bodies and they survive in spite of themselves and live to a ripe old age.  Of course one thing to keep in mind is that things on this planet have changed.  It is impossible to live without chemicals, most of which are hormone disrupters.    Now we have WIFI,  this has been called the invisible killer,  smart phones, smart metres,  smart fridges, optic TV’s  Oy vey… it goes on.   Where are we headed ?

I hate to paint such a grim picture while we’re all out there having fun with our new gadgets,  but, yes the future, I would bet we will be seeing even more unwanted effects of the world we have created .

On the up side,  I also hope that we will become wise to the wisdom of our own bodies.  We are creative beings, and when you consider that our 53 trillion cells are always in motion,  listening to signals and vibrations coming from both internal and external sources…perhaps we will become adept at holding a mind set, and sporting a belief system that propels us towards health and well being.  Honestly,  laughter is healing.   I remember reading about a man who was diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease and he put himself o a diet of laughter.  He happened to like the Groucho Brothers, so he created a schedule where he was laughing several hours a day.  Actually I think it was Norman Peale ?  maybe.  He survived his dreaded disease and lived for another ten years and  then succumbed to  a heart attack.  I believe we have tremendous control over our bodies,  and as a Reiki Master I have both experienced and witnessed  the benefits accrued from a state of deep relaxation during energy work.

I often think how amazing it is that we renew ourselves.  Apparently it takes 5 weeks to completely replace the cells of your stomach.  Every 7 years we have a new skeleton.   I wish I had not forgotten all the other parts and how long it takes to renew the.. I will have to look that up.  Ken Braden and Bruce Lipton are full of new information that  can introduce us to an awareness that puts us in the drivers seat.

Not to long ago I attended a seminar with a healer named Adam….he goes by Dreamhealer.   It was the first time I actually saw the lines of energy light coming from my fingers.  We all have that ability, and I agree with Adam when he spoke of the future of Medicine being more about energy work than anything else.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the  Medical System…it seems to be more about big Pharma, Prescription drugs with frightening side affects,  and about profit..

Now having said that ,  please know I wish to offend no one… I know many of us have been helped  by the system that exists,  myself included…nonetheless, I hope for a brighter future wherein we return to our many long forgotten but natural abilities to heal ourselves, others and our beautiful home Gaia.


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May 21, 2015 · 3:27 am

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