Bang !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

Perhaps as far back as two years, I had a nightmare from which I was awakened.

The setting was my own home, however it was a place unfamiliar to me in real life and the bulk of the dream took place on a grand circular staircase.   I was extremely frightened in this dream as I knew that there were murderous men attempting to break into my home.  The entrance to my house was a heavy solid door, which sat midway in the stairwell with stairs going both upwards and down upon entry.  My fright heightened  with the acknowledgment of my daughter sleeping in the other room.

I repeatedly ascended then descended the stairs,   circling the door and listening for the whereabouts of my intruders .  A constant low grade panic was my state. Terror struck when I realized that one of these men had already infiltrated my house… he appeared on the stairwell below me about 10 feet away.

He was a large, heavy man with a bald head and a khaki shirt.  Oddly he wore no pants and was quite exposed,  but this appeared normal in the dream and although I acknowledged it, I was in no way perturbed by his lack of apparel .  This was  secondary to the threat I felt for my life.

He moved toward me and I warned him to come no closer.  At once I held a gun in my hand.  In my dream I was aware of my aversion to arms, and at the same time raised and pointed it at him.   I uttered a warning … if he took one more step I would shoot him.  I questioned whether I had what was required to pull the trigger. I  trembled as I doubted myself .   He moved forward and I fired.

How do I describe my feeling when the gun went off.  I had just shot open an new awareness.  I knew something about myself I had not known the moment before,. Not only did I know it,  but I felt it.   It was both shocking and reassuring.  The fact that I had pulled the trigger had changed how and what I thought myself to be.   The dread I felt over using the gun turned to relief as I watched a laser thin beam of red light exit the barrel of the gun and travel  in a gentle bounce to my assailant.  The bottomless bald man when touched by the beam was immediately  frozen..  There was no pain,  no trauma, no blood, no death.  My daughter and I were safe.  I was spared the need to suffer any guilt.  There was none.

At that point I awoke.   I must admit,  I am not sure what to make of this dream. It’s almost too much for me to analyze.  I have shared it with a friend, and they pointed out some sexual aspects of the dream…particularly the gun.  The  staircase most likely  represents the ups and downs of my conscious and sub conscious mind.  I suspect the door holds some significance as well, but I am unable to comment on it.

Please feel free to offer feedback… it is always welcomed.


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May 27, 2015 · 6:44 am

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