Nameless and Faceless to Some.

feet first

feet first

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

This is not an issue I spend any time on.  I am not a techie, so half the time I am unable to fill things out very well.  Some of you may have noticed that the  “About” section of this blog has nothing in it.  I do not know what to say about  “About”, especially if it is about me… it maybe be residual shyness, or I just feel funny talking about myself… yes, I have done stuff,  but it is not who I am… who I am is not for describing… I used to be very keen on finding myself….I’ve stopped looking.  I’m around here somewhere.  For a while I thought I was an artist because I made paintings,  but I realized I was not that… Now I am attempting to do some writing… but am I a writer… I think not, it is just what I am doing… I once craved knowing what I was… now, not so much…it is just a label and I have done to many things to think that I am that.  I am not really prolific at anything… other than doing what I can do in the moment as it presents itself.  I am not a ambitious person  no place I need to get to. ,

As far as privacy goes,  it is a non issue… who would want this identity, it barely exists ?  My bank account is a joke… I do not need to worry about being hacked… there is nothing to run away with…

I have no idea what one might learn about me on line….. ?

But having said all that I must have privacy issues because I feel strongly about being the one to make disclosures about myself as I wish, and to whom I wish… however that may also be control issues or a dislike of gossip..

I like the saying… Great minds talk about ideas,  mediocre minds talk about events,  and small minds talk about people.

I guess that may be all I have to say about this subject,  but it has given me something to think about,  a if this prompt comes up again, I may have come to different conclusions.



May 30, 2015 · 3:31 pm

3 responses to “Nameless and Faceless to Some.

  1. “I used to be very keen on finding myself….I’ve stopped looking. I’m around here somewhere.” Ha…Love this.

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  2. Love the picture…reminded of my “headless” body!
    Also am prompted to write my first blog – “Face to No-Face” but seem to be confused as how to go about adding content after I put in the title.

    Perhaps, it will happen…or maybe not. Que sera sera.


  3. Cool and carefree attitude is what I felt in this post. It happens at some point of life. Enjoy your state of mind.

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