What Really Matters.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Leader.”

The most important thing in the world to me is health.  My wish is that every human being on the face of this planet has the opportunity to experience the joy and well being that comes from occupying a healthy body.  I believe it is our birthright.  I also believe that food is the greatest medicine we have and is our gateway to wellness.  it is a frightening concern to see how our food source is being poisoned with the likes of Monsanto and other chemical corporations.  They are working hard at making us utterly dependant on them for seed so that they could control the foods we eat.  I ask… why would they want to do this ?  At present,  fish is farmed and I understand a new genetically modified salmon is about to enter the market place.  The poisons in our foods are reflected in the rate of children born with diseases,  and the stunning increase in such debilitating conditions as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes to name just a few.

I apologise for beginning on such a painful note.  What I would like to suggest as a possible solution for turning things around, is a complete reversal of our food reality.  Imagine for a moment if we were able to freely plant and grow our own food.  If communities banded together for the purpose of feeding it’s inhabitants.  Sometimes when I walk along the sidewalks and see sprawling lawns,  neighborhood parks,  idle fields, I think of all the wonderful food that could be grown in these places.  I am aware that several people have attempted to grow gardens in their front lawns and have quickly been shut down.  Occasionally an article will appear in the local paper describing the results of a struggle that took place between a resident and the municipality over the use of privately owned property.  We are very concerned with how things look, and as far as I am concerned gardens, whether  they be flower, or produce, are things of beauty.

I would like to take this a step further and cast my imagination forward to a society that revolves around food.  Locally grown organic communities that share, barter their produce;  meeting in markets,  co-ops, parking lots, to spread the enthusiasm of freshly harvested health making produce.  Imagine the fairs,  and the fun activities for families and children celebrating a common purpose.  It is our natural state to be connected to this earth and the glorious bounty that we receive from it.

If there were just one thing that we could accomplish this year,  I would want it to be a return to natural, organic, food which it would be our right to grow freely where we saw fit,  either on our own property or public places.  I think this system would bring people together in the best way,  sharing food,  recipes, laugher, community projects and the love of our planet for all the right reasons..

“Buon Appetito “.



June 3, 2015 · 3:51 am

2 responses to “What Really Matters.

  1. You go Girl!

    This new way of growing and eating organically has/is in full swing here on Vancouver Island! And is spreading exponentially, I might add.


  2. Such a positive humane thought ! I am growing vegetables in my kitchen garden. Nothing like to have organic food.

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