I Don’t Understand the Question.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”

What does  “Happily Ever After”  Mean ?   It implies a long period of time without change.  That is not the reality of the world.  Change is a necessary part of our experience.  It is through the course of constant change that we continue to seek it,  and eventually are brought to an understanding  of where happiness lives… deep within and under all the many things and events that brought temporary fulfillment, and then either frustrations or disappointment or more need.

I have noticed subtle changes in my own awareness.  A few years back when all the information was flooding the air waves on the secret of manifestation,  and positive thinking etc… .I examined my Self and found that I didn’t really want anything… Oh no I thought… how will I manifest if the strong desire is not there… I have never been wildy ambitious.  But I have been impassioned..

I think what interests me most now is to continue to explore/ examine my perceptions.  I have known for a long time,  that happiness comes from within.. it is probably our natural state and returning to it is our journey.

The art of being, and experience is the road we’re on… I say we but I can only speak for the I.



June 6, 2015 · 6:08 am

2 responses to “I Don’t Understand the Question.

  1. I like the last sentence!


  2. The happiness from within. Keep exploring your innerself to be happy.


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