A Feast For The Eyes.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry….”

Well, I have had the day to think about this one.  I repeatedly had the same thought.  I don’t want to go out on a full stomach with that uncomfortable  “Oh, I ate to much ” feeling; so, I think no feasting for me.  In fact I might even fast.  Maybe I’d sip on a carrot and  beet juice, what am I saying… I’m not a sipper.

On the last day of the world, I might want to feast on something completely different like the view from a mountain top,  or the horizon of sea and sky while sitting comfortably on a soft sanded beach.  I have never been up in a hot air balloon, and that would be a treat.  I could invite friends, and we could talk of many things except future plans.  I think I’d like to go into Butchart Gardens and pick fresh flowers, I’d be arrested for that on any other day.  I would probably sing a lot throughout the day,  especially when I was walking outside along the street.  I would want to write just one poem about how I feel on this very last day of the world.  I’d like to make sure that all those that I love know it and if I could share a smile or laughter with every one that crossed my path on this special day…well that would be bonus.

Okay Okay   !  Maybe at the very end of the day I could have a small piece of cheese cake with either a raspberry or strawberry topping… but it would have to be fresh berries with a sweet glaze…

No big bang stuff here… I’ll keep it simple and vigilante of my feelings and the sensitivities of others.

And I bid you all  ADIEU !



June 7, 2015 · 5:20 am

3 responses to “A Feast For The Eyes.

  1. Hot balloon air sounds exciting. Cheese cake is also good option to eat.

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  2. Paul

    Some lovely ideas in here. Inspirational.

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  3. My experience in a hot air balloon was surreal… similar to my awakening experience!

    The basket of the balloon seemed completely immoveable and it felt like we were on tera ferma even as we “appeared” to be floating effortlessly in Stillness.


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