In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger in a Strange Land.”

Writing in strange and exotic places has not yet occurred in this short period of time that I have been a blogger.  Mostly I write sitting up in my bed with my laptop appropriately sitting on my lap.  For instance at this very moment I am sitting  up facing a picture window through which the sky is sending out flairs of reds and pinks that are most impressive.  Sometimes,  like this morning and unexpected event will disrupt, alter and transform a day into something  I might have never guessed it to be.

A baby snake coiled in the shower found it’s way through a small hole in a cracked tile.  From the time I spotted it I wondered where the rest of the family might be,  it looked a little young to be out on it’s own.  When the gardner arrived at 8 am, together we plotted a way to remove him from the shower.  He was a feisty fellow and jabbed at us when he detected our movement.  He kept us occupied for over an hour and I did at one point think  “I could write about this”

They say,  we should write about what we know.. Well I know a little bit about many things, but what I really know a lot about is what I think and feel.  Although that may change, the moment  I am experiencing is genuine and writing  gives me the focus to examine and record these authentic moments.  There are many benefits to writing.



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2 responses to “Blogs-a-way

  1. I’d love to see you tell the full story of the snake. Then talk about Morrie and the two chicken breasts you left in the car with him when you ran in to do a quick errand for “someone.”

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