A Day In The Life of Bob.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Bob hadn’t slept well, so was not feeling as spry as he normally would first thing in the morning.  His room mate Ink,  the cat he had learned to tolerate,  had kept him up with a hide and seek game he played almost every night with Geraldine the house mouse.  Bob sauntered out bleary eyed to the mailbox which he mistook for the urinal and peed on it.  Ah, that ‘s a relief he thought and with an about face walked back in to the house and headed straight for the kitchen… No one was there,  his family had busy mornings and often left Bob to do the clean up after breakfast.  It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it, and admittedly  there were fringe benefits.  The counter was a perfect height for him.  Eagerly he propelled himself upward.  What a disappointment,  just one plate sat inches away from his discerning nose.  It was empty, an empty plate, not a crumb on it.  Morning went from bad to worse.  But, that nose of his could detail more precisely than his deceiving eyes so with great hope, he swooshed that long bulbous tongue across the bottom of the dish.  Stars rose in his eyes and a smile swept across his chops.  Maple syrup !  he loved maple syrup.  He would have traded a full breakfast,  two eggs easy over,  two strips of crispy fried bacon, a breakfast sausage and a side of hash browns for just one lick of maple syrup….. it was his drug of choice.  The day had just started to look up.  The dish was generous and he left it clean as a whistle.

Later in the day during that quiet time before his afternoon siesta he realized the the blue jay which sat upon the mailbox would have been a good clue that he was not in fact in his usual pee place.  Nonetheless, it was not enough to keep him up He shut his droopy eyes, stretched out as far as he could on the old mattress that had been his bed for as long as he could remember and thought… I had better get some sleep because before long Ink and Geraldine may well be at it again;   and off he went to dreamland in pursuit of more maple syrup.



June 10, 2015 · 3:31 pm

3 responses to “A Day In The Life of Bob.

  1. Enjoyed your story. Isn’t it strange how many dogs named Bob there are in the world? :o)


  2. Aul

    You have created a very lovable character here. He deserves further development.


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