Love Your Body.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ingredients.”

I start most of my dishes with garlic and onion.  Those two go into the pan and sizzle together in a generous amount of Coconut oil.  I shop organic,  although I don’t kid myself;  organic is questionable.  It is difficult to know whether organic is any longer possible.  Nonetheless, there is bound to be some reduction in the amount of pesticides in the food.

Two spices I have been putting together and sprinkling generous amounts on what ever else will be in the pan are Turmeric and ground Cumin.  Those are so good together.  That is pretty well the basis for many of my meals and I am never disappointed with the results.  I also like a little cayenne on most things,  but just enough for a little bite… I it is too hot, I do not enjoy it.

I like the vegies al dente, and the produce fresh. When I shop I stick to the perimeter of the store; where real food can be found.  If you think about it, the center aisles in the stores are stocked with boxes, and cans , bags and cartons of stuff that I do not refer to as food.  Powdered items with ingredients that can barely be pronounced will no be coming home with me.  I cut that stuff out in the 80’s.  Food is recognizable as freshly grown, eggs are a part of my diet, vegetable and fruit. I have cut back on my starches, and found I do a lot better when I steer clear of bread.  Most of the ingredients in the center aisles are also genetically modified.   I do not buy any of the big brand products like Kraft, Heinz, Campbell’s., Post  Cadbury,  Neilson’s as they all use GMO’d  corn, soy and wheat products.  New studies have shown that all the artificial sweeteners cause weight gain as well.  They may be zip in calories but they impact the body in a negative way.

I just wonder how many of the fast foods or artificially created food products have addictive ingredients in them.  I once had a Pepsi addiction and went through several a day….the whole idea of  “you can’t eat just one”  may be a good slogan that is truer than we have been led to think.

Now I have become extremely discerning and am cautious about what I eat.  I have a different relationship with food, and eat healthy things for the right reasons.  When I look back to the many difficulties I experienced with binge eating and bulimia, I can honestly say I have come a long way…..for this I am grateful.



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4 responses to “Love Your Body.

  1. I too make it a point not to have bread, pasta and other white flour addictions. Now a days you get wheat based products but they are coarse and not good to eat.

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  2. Paul

    A good guide to healthy eating. Very much enjoyed this piece.

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  3. Years ago, I attended a Dr. David Hawkins talk in Sedona. During the Q & A one of the audience asked if it would be helpful for her spiritual development to become vegetarian?

    David smiled and with a kind voice replied…”Well, you are meat.”

    For those who haven’t heard of him, he and Linus Pauling did a 29 year study on Consciousness and Kinesiology. He wrote 9 or ten books around the concept of Power vs force. And through muscle testing, calibrated several hundred thousand people, places and things to determine their level of truth or falsehood.

    One that I found interesting was the discovery that organically grown tobacco didn’t cause cancer…it is the chemicals that are sprayed on the leaves to kill bugs that ends up killing the human bugs.

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