Fingers in MY Ears and Humming.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hear No Evil.”

All to often I have sat at a table with a small group where the conversation centered around gossip.  Yes, one could argue that it was in no way malicious,  but we have whitewashed our addiction to gossip with such finesse, that it can now come in the guise of concern.  What I have to say about that I is Bull-Loney !

Gossip has become big business.   The magazine racks sell tons of it and somewhere along the way it has become perfectly acceptable entertainment.   Television programs feature celebrity gossip.  Please, Get A Life !

Years ago I read a quote;  I wish I knew who wrote it, but I don’t .  I have never forgotten it makes sense to me.

Great minds talk about ideas

Mediocre minds talk about events, and

Small minds talk about people.

Years ago, before I had figured things out for myself, and being insecure, if I wanted to be part of my immediate group I would often try to come up with some tid bit of gossip to contribute so I could be accepted.  I always walked away feeling poorly about myself and felt like I needed a shower.  Alas I figured out what was causing the slimy feeling.. I learned to push myself away from the table.  I remember the first time I did it…Boy, did it feel good.  I needed to learn something from that,  and maybe I do not feel as judgemental of others when I am around gossip now,  but I do not like it, and have no desire to contribute.. I just listen and do not repeat anything I hear under those conditions.  It is just uninteresting to me.

At the same token it used to really bother me when I learned that people were talking about me,  but no more.. another  phrase I like is … ”  It is none of my business what people say about me”  I love that one.

Anyways,  that is what I wish I didn’t hear, and sometimes do…

Hug Yourself….



June 15, 2015 · 4:34 am

2 responses to “Fingers in MY Ears and Humming.

  1. I love to hear gossip and thankfully most is so boring I never repeat it.


  2. you are not alone honey…


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