Good Luck to Bill.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

Being moved to tears is not that rare an occurrence for me.  To name my most recent i will describe the event that took place just last night.

I have been a visitor in what i would describe a small but active, arty, vibrant and involved town.  I would estimate the population at say 5,000,  i am pulling a figure out of a is my guess.  A week ago i was asked if i would like to attend a fund raiser for a man who had recently lost his leg to diabetes. Friends had organized an evening of dinner, dancing with music provided by a local and very popular band.  There was also a silent auction of items donated by artists.  Drinks were sold at the bar, and raffle tickets tempted those who wished to win some of the lovely items.  I myself purchased a beautiful necklace.

It was touching to see the work so many contributed to making it a beautiful evening for our person of honour.  I was moved to see how the hall had been decorated with streams of fabric and ribbons, beautiful table cloths set and the mood was uplifting with an element of excitement in the air.

Although i am not a resident, I was greatly impressed by the huge success and the many in attendance at the hall, all in celebration and support of every one’s friend Bill.   Suddenly the hall hushed and in unison a spontaneous applause swept across the space.  I turned and rose and as Bill was wheeled into the room and rolled past me to a standing ovation, I could see that he held his face in his hands and i detected a slight tremor in his hands as he stroked his eyes with tissue to absorb the tears that formed there.  Bill was overwhelmed to see the turnout, the love, the support and the effort put in by so many for his benefit.

It was a beautiful moment and as much as i tried to suppress it, a warm blush came over me and I felt a murmur in my chest as my eyes flooded.  The room was filled with emotion.  The band played and the dance floor filled.  It was a joyous outlet for the feelings and best wishes for Bill as he embarked into a new life, knowing he had the support and love of his community.


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June 19, 2015 · 4:56 am

One response to “Good Luck to Bill.

  1. Paul

    A lovely simply expressed and very emotive description. Nearly moved me to tears.



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