Not a Serious Bone in my Body.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

I am not one to be here, and want to be there. ….I  can count on one hand the times I felt as though I missed out on something,  and neither do I compare yesterday with today.   I do not often miss people (I can conjure up those I love in an instant ) and neither would I ever wish to turn back the hands of time.

The present moment is the place to be.  In the present,  there is no fear and no regret… there is only what is in it’s fullness.  So, as much as I enjoyed my school days,  I do not miss them.  Fortunately or unfortunately I had no idea when I went to school that I was supposed to take it seriously.  I spent my time making it through the curriculum, day by day, moment by moment.  I do not remember doing any homework,  but I must have as I did hand in papers and no one ever did any work for me. I was a last minute student.  If the paper was due on Thursday,  I would complete it on Thursday, about 5 minutes before it was due.   I made good grades,  but  that was an ongoing miracle because what I do remember is that I lived to dance.  I would go dancing 4 days a week,  and keeping up with the current dance steps was of the upmost importance.

I was well liked by my teachers and I would never want to disrupt a class, but occasionally I did have laughing fits  and the teacher would politely ask me to leave the room…It was embarrassing and I honestly do not remember what I found so funny, but I remember not being able to stop… Life was intense in those days.  It was the 60’s the Motown sound was exploding,  John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy,  Harvey Oswald,  Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, to name a few met with sudden deaths. The world was changing, liberation was at hand, and mankind had placed a footprint on the moon.

I did not grow up knowing what I wanted to be, so I did not have any direction.  I remember being quite stressed about that when students around me where making serious decisions about their futures.  I carried on to University for a year,  but after spending most of my time in the cafeteria engaging in deep philosophical conversations, I realized that I just wasn’t academically inclined. I had not cultivated the discipline necessary.   I think I was more kinetic and so began my entry into the work force.

Upon reflection,  as it must have been for all of us,  School life was just half of the equation, home life being the other half.  My situation at home was quite a difficult one.  Parents separating three times before I was ten years old.  Home was not a place to have milk and cookies after school and then enjoy a peaceful space to complete homework.  It was more like enter at your own risk , roll up your sleeves and prepare for damage control..

At school, I could be anonymous;  I could be everyone else.  Walking into that huge building with the hustle and bustle and crowds of students moving through corridors finding classes, carrying books, going to lockers was a great place to be.   Aside from Geography, French,  Literature, History,  Algebra, ”Geometry, I would learn that I had an enthusiastic spirit, a sense of humour, a compassionate heart,  was a good friend,  felt sensitive to the pain of others and wanted to make people laugh.  To this day,  these things are just a fraction more useful to me than the many things I almost learned in school.


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  1. LOL

    I AM the Supreme ruler of the Universe….And so are You!
    AND I would love to take part in Your party!


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