Upside Down Days.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Festivus for the Rest of Us.”

I am not much of a party planner and am always impressed by the extravaganzas put on by the professionals.  But in the spirit of the post,  I will begin by making the dates for “Upside Down Days” from August 8th to August 10th.  It will be both a celebration and an exploration.

Upside Down Days will be about doing things differently.  What ever you are accustomed to doing,  do it differently… if you are an early riser,  you will sleep in.  If you usually eat your peas first… then you will eat something else first.  We will all explore how it might feel to break with what is customary and try a new approach.

Meals will be planned and prepared  but everyone will invite people from their area whom they do not know and have never met for dinner. It will be a day for stretching  out of the norm and stepping forward at an attempt to being even more authentic.   Revealing  dinner games will be played and there will be laughter across the land as people learn of the outlandish experiences of their guests.  And speaking of outlandish everyone will dress up in costumes for which there will be random prizes… not competitive ones,  but the luck of the draw… for example a costume with the most red in it,  or the most leather..

Buskers, jugglers and comedians will line the squares and music will fill the streets.  There will be a barter station where people could sign up to offer their services for barter.  All the theatres will have performances taking place and all will be free to enter.  There will be lots of activities for children and pets will be allowed everywhere.  All public transportation will be free,  not only for Upside Down Days, but always.

At the end of the 3 days,  people will resume their lives, mildly altered, a bit more open,  more trusting, more confident, and more connected to his/her community,  and to themselves.  The main purpose being fostering a land and a people who fear not.



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2 responses to “Upside Down Days.

  1. I’d love to celebrate this holiday!


  2. LOL

    I AM the Supreme ruler of the Universe….And so are You!
    AND I would love to take part in Your party!


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