Go Easy on Yourself.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”

The advice I might give to a friend is contained in the title of this prompt.  I have often comforted a friend or at times a complete stranger who has engaged me or I them in conversation,  with the phrase,  ” don’t be so hard on yourself”.   And,  it is good advice.  We need not be.

Years ago when I was enrolled in a 3 year Holistic Counselling Program, one of my instructors gave me a card at Christmas time. The card was blue and through the lines and shades of light and dark the form of a woman lying on her side emerged.  It was not at all Christmassy and I appreciated that at the time.  It was an arty card and very pretty.  Inside she had written in her own hand,  “If you could show yourself half the compassion you have for others you would be a far better model to those who seek your counsel in their own healing journey”.  At the time I felt vulnerable and raw, and these words caused my eyes to tear.  It has been a couple of decades and I have never forgotten that bit of advice and I am happy to pass it on,  but, at times I still struggle to find that compassion for myself.

How  many times I have said to someone who has come to me with something that is troubling them and I ask them… What would you say to your very best friend if they came to you with this problem.  You would probably pat them gently on the back and tell them to give themselves a break… go easy on yourself… love yourself up.  We are all deserving of love as we are love.

So, that is my bit of advice that I mostly follow and sometimes forget to.

Give yourself a hug right now….your the best !


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June 28, 2015 · 7:27 am

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