Yes Please, No Thank You.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Break the Silence.”

Earlier today I had a lovely albeit late invitation for lunch,  unfortunately I had already eaten and so agreed to join for a serving of dessert.  (I hope that is the one with 2 ses… and not the one that is sandy and dry)  Left to my own devices, i would have chosen not to have dessert,  and could have spoken up, but i was touched by the invitation so spontaneously responded with a  “Yes, that would be lovely”.  The dessert of the day was a baked apple, no sugar added,  good.  There were 14 for lunch, and so 14 baked apple dishes sat on a counter by the kitchen.  We were asked not to place them on the dining table just yet as a serving of ice cream was going to be added.  Oh,  how I love ice cream,  but I have recently made good food choices and have not had any sweetened items in my diet and must admit had noticed a positive difference in how I was feeling.  I had several thoughts about the ice cream revelation and let it go… I went on to other things. Very shortly afterwards, I noticed one of the women was dishing up a dollop of vanilla ice cream onto each dish.  Now was my opportunity to speak up and request to have mine as is.  I felt tense and intimidated, rose and walked over to her.  I really wanted to voice my request.  I noticed the ice cream was not in a commercially bought container and instead of speaking the words I so wanted to speak, I asked  if the ice cream was home made.   Yes, she said,  we made it last night, and churned it this morning.  Wow, I said… it looks wonderful.. still I would have preferred not to have any, but instead I told myself it was not so bad since it was home made and healthier than the store bought version.

It was delicious,  but it did set me off a bit for the rest of the day.  I am better off without sugars in my system, but the most unfortunate part of the dessert scenario was that I did not speak up about what I wanted and needed,   for fear of slighting someone.

It appears some people can be very touchy about what others choose to eat.  For instance,  I recently stayed with a friend, and I could swear it was an offence to her when I did not accept food that would be disagreeable to me.  It was as though making my own food choices was an insult to her.  It is the one right  we have that we should (for lack of a better word) make for ourselves.

I am improving when it comes to this matter and today I disappointed myself slightly for succumbing to a choice I could have made differently.  Two steps forward, one step back is the way it goes sometimes.. It is important for me to listen to my body, as it’s  functions are more efficient, enjoyable and  energetic when I pay attention to what it is telling me.

The body knows…


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June 29, 2015 · 6:15 am

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