Suffer the Poor Children.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.

Forgive me for being blunt,  but when I remove my rose coloured glasses I think to myself… we are in a mess. I have heard many complaints about the younger generation,  but,  we have birthed them.  What are we leaving them ?  We are in the midst of an extinction.  White streaks line our skies,  our food source has been stolen from us, and modified.  Weather is being engineered, and little by little our simple rights are being removed from us….Smart meters and Wifi  towers have become invisible killers,   bees are collapsing….and,  where are the birds that used to dash across my path as I walked the sidewalks of my home town.. Meanwhile it is all being filmed as cameras are everywhere.

I remember the first time I noticed a change in the power structure.  It was August of 1977 and my daughter was 6 months old. She spent much of her time bombing around in those wonderful wheeled walkers that are unfortunately now outlawed. It was a hot afternoon and the television was on.  A news breaking bulletin had interrupted regular programming and announced that Elvis was found dead in his hotel room.  It is always shocking when a bigger than life legend dies.  Death is for the mortal…and speaking of mortal, just at that moment the post man arrived with mail.  I had received a notice from the post office itself marked important!.. I was dealing with the upsetting news of Elvis’ death when I sat to scan the card I held in my hand. I could feel the anger rise in me as I continued to read.  The post office was offering a service;  38 years later I do not remember what it is,  however this service offer had a different slant to it.  In most cases when something is offered we have an option to accept or not.  In this case, we were being informed that the service was to begin , and if we opted not to have it we were to submit a letter informing the PO  that we were not interested.  Never before had this happened. Why  would they not ask those interested to contact them with their interest. Oh yes, of course…more spent on postage.   Hmm…I thought , today marks the loss of an element of power.  There has been a continuum of loss in freedoms from one decade to the other..

There s a lot sitting on the plates of the generation that will inherit a dying planet,  ruled by a greedy corporate sector…I think it best not to criticise, but to apologize to our young.  If they have fostered traits that are less than respectful,  perhaps it is us that neglected to show them what is worthy of respect.   When I encounter a dog that is vicious and fearful,  I know that he did not start out that way…

When will we realize that it is through love and kindness, care and tolerance,  nurturing and listening to one another that will at last alter the state of the world not just for this generation, but for all those that will follow.   This will never occur if we do not begin to think for ourselves.  Decide for ourselves and know that fear based decisions do not support the earth.  We are addicted to a false system and it will not be upheld for much longer.. It is time to re-invest ourselves, our ways, and our relationship to our mother earth.

What if one day,  men and women would simply refuse to go to war, refuse to hurt one another, refuse to build weapons, and refuse to act out of fear,  stand firm in our grace and look one another in the eye and see that the one looking out at you is no different from the you that is looking out at him/her.

It is impossible to see who is before you and what is above you when you are staring down into the palm of your hand, which holds the small device that has so easily trapped your consciousness.


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July 1, 2015 · 6:14 am

One response to “Suffer the Poor Children.

  1. Paul

    Extremely well put and a telling argument developed.
    The final paragraph creates a powerful image.


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