70 Cents Worth of Priceless.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

The day before yesterday I walked into a thrift store here in San Mateo where I am spending a few days visiting and meeting people. After sufficient browsing, I had made my selection and proceeded to the check out counter.  It  was not a large shop and the staff seemed to be primarily Mexican.

I am seldom conscious of what I may have in my wallet in the way of cash, and had discarded my credit cards for this trip as I am attempting to alter my life style somewhat.  My purchases consisted of a couple of items that I planned to gift to a couple of young girls aged 7 and 8.   I had met them a week before and very spontaneously what developed between us was a fantastic spy game where I garnered the position of Woman in Charge, and they were Secret Agent No.1 and Secret Agent Assistant No. 1.  This mission we were on managed to continue on to the playground and upon parting we promised to get together for an urgent Special Agent’s meeting.. This has not yet come to pass.  Nevertheless, I found a couple of items befitting spy girls and hoped to buy them .. aside from this,  my baby gandaughter who eats off her high chair tray could practice eating from a dish if I were to offer her a couple of melmac plates I found that looked in mint condition.

So here I am with my goods splayed across the counter, and my head down fumbling about in my purse.  I have forgotten the sum total of my purchases, but I do remember being short of the full amount.  I immediately returned one of the dishes to the clerk and a pair of gloves I had found for one of my spy girls;  still I was 70 cents short.

It was not a big deal, .. 70 cents is hardly an amount to get excited about,  but the gesture was priceless.  This lovely round man with his fully head of curly and unruly dark hair, his friendly features and warm expression, dipped briefly into my apologetic eyes,  smiled,  and responded with .. Oh, have it !…Life is to short… just enjoy it.  I clasped his hand between mine and thanked him for his kind gesture.  He seemed slightly embarrassed by my response, cleared his throat and laughed on uttering sounds that were both pleasing and reassuring..

He was a little blessing for me that morning.  Thoughtful people,  gestures of kindness,  these acts can make your day.  Later, that afternoon I wandered over to the post office where I mailed off those items,  including two pairs of spy glasses,  those really neat ones that resemble the ones worn by the Blues Brothers… these however had little mirrors installed on the sides,  designed specifically for Secret Agents  to keep aware of any suspicious looking characters that may be tailing them..

Within a couple of days,  I received a message via my daughter’s text messaging system… “The parcel had been received and everything was perfect”  My granddaughter ate from her melmac dish and seemed quite pleased with it.  And,  little did that wonderful Mexican clerk know that his kindness ricocheted and went on to make others happy as well.



July 2, 2015 · 5:51 am

3 responses to “70 Cents Worth of Priceless.

  1. Isn’t it amazing how your spirits are lifted by a – very small – act of kindness. It always makes me wonder why we don’t do them more often. I love old book stores!!


  2. Beautiful post and gesture. Sometimes it’s the little moments that are truly special. And you got to pass it on and make those little girls happy as well.


  3. Oh, he won a true friend and you got a good memory.

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