Absolutely Obsolete.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Going Obsolete.”

How can anyone miss anything when new things come flying off the assembling line faster than the speed of light. (okay an exaggeration… you finish that line please).

I miss nothing…. would you believe, I do not have a cell phone.  I am a walking relic.  No,  I do not miss any technologies,  however I do miss walking down the street and seeing peoples eyes.  And…. although I miss nothing,  I do get angry. Angry is not a dirty word at my house.. it is as legitimate a feeling as most others.  For instance I was really upset when the VCR’s were replaced by DVD players.  I had no warning.

As it happened,  I had a friend come over and we thought we might watch a movie.  Off I toddled to Blockbusters the movie rental outlet and they were closed and empty.  What happened ?  Well, that is when I found out that my perfectly functioning VCR had become obsolete.  Again my hand was forced… if I wanted to watch a movie in my own home,  I had to go out to purchase a DVD player and I wonder how many VCR’s landed in the landfill ?

I was so angry…it used to be that a need arose, and someone would manufacture just the right apparatus to fill that need..but not any longer….Now,  The need to create something to sell to people who have no requirement of it is the name of the game.   We fill the need of the industry to sell by going out and mindlessly purchasing what ever is being turned out.  We will even stand in line for days to be the first ones to lay our hands on the useless item… now that is an addiction.

Neither do I understand, nor do I participate.  I cannot even keep updated on the many new items that fill our big box stores and outlets like Best Buy or Future shop..  Nor do I understand that when these shops fold,  they give no notice to their employees… Staff show up for work,  and are told at the door that the shop has closed.  That is about as far as you could get from respecting your employees.  But,  as long as we continue to take it,  I suppose THEY, will carry on dishing it out.

Wakey – wakey,  who are we  ? what do we really need ?  When will we stop creating the level of garbage we do for our landfills ? And what are all these technologies doing for our relationships.. ?  to ourselves, to each other,  and to the earth ?

Thanks for reading,  and please,  spread the word… We don’t need it !  Thank You very much… We have enough stuff to keep us busy for a while…Let’s stop shopping and do something wlser with our time..


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July 3, 2015 · 6:50 am

One response to “Absolutely Obsolete.

  1. Who are THEY?
    I here this “they” mentioned many many many times in the course of a day’s conversations. THEY seem to always referring to someone ELSE.

    YOU are the world and the world is YOU
    – J. Krishnamurti


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