Please Think with the Heart.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

Oddly enough I do think about this from time to time.   I am aware that the me who ponders it is  the me who is engaged with ego and although the feelings may not have to do so much with pride, they are connected to a desire of having achieved  some level of importance.  It seems to me that throughout history,  those who have accomplished greatness whether it be building monumental structures or conquering vast empires have always done so through ruthlessness.  This is not my want.

The phrase that had me thinking  early on in my life was .. “You can’t take it with you” .  Although I did once hear of a man who opted to have himself buried in his Ferrari,  on the whole the toys, jewels and high end fashion items we amass, we leave behind when consciousness passes from our bodies. This started me thinking… okay then,  what do we take with us…the answer… our evolved consciousness.. I have no proof of course but I do have a logical mind and it makes sense to me that the virtues we are able to cultivate may in the end tweak the frequency we resonate with on a very individual basis.  This is all theory mind you, and there is room for argument, I will not dispute that.  We are all part of one supreme consciousness, in which case we can debate the fact that there is no tweaking required simply  breaking through into an awake state.  We are already perfected in every way.  In that instance,  everything is perceived differently while it remains the same. Tricky business.

Although I am pretty good at procuring material items,  I have tried to live with a set of standards that suits my thinking.  For instance,  I would not take a job, no matter the pay if it were in any way damaging to the earth.  The creative arts, the healing arts,  dog rescue, caretaking, theatre,  raising awareness are a few of activities that impassion me.  We are astounding beings and all have so  much to offer  one another.

So, in the end, I would hope to be remembered for being an eclectic sort,  perhaps a bit daring,  inspiring on a personal level,  but mostly,  if I could put a smile on the faces of those who had some affection for me in this life as our paths crossed, I would be very happy.


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July 7, 2015 · 5:48 pm

One response to “Please Think with the Heart.

  1. Interesting where some of these prompts guide our thoughts!


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