Night at the Museum.

016In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”

That is an ambitious title for my blog today, as I doubt any of the items I am surrounded by will come to life and masquerade about the house in search of adventure.

Firstly I am in my mother’s house in a room which has been designated as my room which frighteningly puts me somewhere in my teens.  This was not a harmonious time between my mom and I so will steer clear of that topic.

So here I sit,  in a room that has been clearly packed up, boxes line the closet floor and shelves.  I know this as the closet door remains ajar it being a place of constant fussing in search of something or other.  I am in transition and am spending much time out of the country. When I return for a short stay I see the uselessness of the things that I have decided in my last purge that I needed and go about it again.  If I were to put all my things in a locker these treasures would probably fill a 5 ft. by 10 ft. space, that would include my bed and my round wooden dining table.  When I think of it that way I tell myself I am doing very well.

Now, getting back to the moment at hand, I will describe to you the visuals in this most interesting room that has the bobbles that I favor in it.  My eyes look at a tambourine that sits on the wall above a dresser.  Also on the dresser are two cobalt glass candle holders with two very tall gold candles.  The dresser holds an assortment of semi precious stones,  crystals, lapis lazuli, herdonite, datalite, tourmaline, apophilyte , aragonite, to name a few ;  they sit in a favorite dish of mine.   This dish has 5 inch legs.  I like dishes with legs attached. Things, food or whatever are nicely elevated in it.  From a fan that spins a top the bureau is heard a soft hum.  The window is ajar but  it has been hot lately.   There is a radio I keep, as I occasionally like to listen to the CBC.

The drapes are another favorite of mine.  They are a burgundy with well spaced images of elephants,  deer,  a tree bearing fruit,  a cheetah,  a monkey an occasional flower;  they are very functional as they are lined with a dark sheet which prevents the light to enter.  I have a couple of paintings on the wall, one which I painted myself. On a wall opposite the window you will see a framed photo of my son and his wife above which sits a little ceramic  angel.  Below is a bookcase will a collection of books both new and old.  Most of the books tell a story of a search for greater meaning in life,  conscious evolution,  Bruce Lipton is a favorite, some  self help, with a few having historical and biographical  content.  I always find it hard to part with books, but am getting better at it as well.

Beside me on a blue upholstered bedroom chair sits Molly, my little Scotty.  She has not seen me for 3 months and has not left my side since I returned just a couple of days ago.  I missed her as well.

It is fun to see my things upon returning, but when I think again of leaving town, I realize, I could half my chattels and still feel as though I have more than I need.


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July 8, 2015 · 4:23 pm

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