Comfort First.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

Some people have a very distinctive style  all their own. As much as I would like to be, I am not sure I am that person.  Hence the first word I might use to describe my personal style is “muted”…almost indistinct.   However,  neither am I devoid of style.  Casual is probably the second word I would use.  My personality, or rather the mask I wear in the world and the funnel with which I view things is an odd combination of a serious point of view,  always seeking purpose but motivated by playfulness, and a flair of drama.

I may have mentioned this in a previous blog,  but I enjoy the thrift shops.  I find it a perfect venue for those, like me that want to express themselves as unique in some way,  off the grid,  the road less travelled, all that good stuff.  In the thrift shops, the selection of clothing apparel spans decades and not what shoppers who are concerned with staying current may be looking for.

I enjoy putting things together in my closet and think I am rather good at it.  My downfall comes as I often find my favorite article of clothing and just wear that almost everyday until it’s worn out and ready for the bin. Not a pretty picture.

When I look at my closet  I see an array of earth tones;  browns and ambers, dark greens and accents of yellows and reds,  fall colours enjoyed through out the seasons.

If I were to compare myself to any of the celebrity icons out there I would have to say my style best mimics a Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall look in that I too am a pants wearing female.  I imagine that if they were around today they may go into my closet and be perfectly comfortable in a pair of khaki coloured capri pants,  topped by a comfortably fitting button down shirt.  A pair of slip on sandals and maybe a necklace made of some semi precious stones like amber or tourmaline.  Pretty casual, and suited for a lifestyle that is a bit of “get up and go”.

Although clothes do matter to me,  comfort has gained priority  There was a time that I was willing to put myself through considerable discomfort for the sake of what I thought was looking good. +++++++  I do not know how I endured it but I would squeeze my foot into a pair of shoes that were a full size smaller than what my feet really needed.  Ouch !

After writing this I am inspired to change, create a new look and take on a whole new colour scheme… why not ?  In the spirit of play !

Carpe diem


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August 4, 2015 · 5:08 pm

One response to “Comfort First.

  1. In the spirit of play “Carpe Diem!” Thanks for sharing. Now I can look again at my closet and try to re arrange it yet again. 🙂

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