The Full Moon Buzz.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

january 10th.  2015 100

Full moon energy really gets me going,  the mind is reeling and the juices are flowing.

I can’t sleep so I go out and walk,  I know once I get there I’ll look for a rock.

I’ll sit there and stare and amazed I will be at the glory and light that the moon has set free.

I dance with my shadow and just let myself go,  no one is with me so no one will know.

If I should see creatures lurking about, I may have a fright and let out a shout

The world holds such mystery especially at night and that’s why I love it when all is alight.

Shadows are growing to wondrous heights, the earth is lit up, the stars just as bright.

My body is tingling,  I feel so alive.   I’ll take on new chores when I get back inside

I know I should sleep but I’ll sleep tomorrow,  to pass on this gift would just be a sorrow.


One response to “The Full Moon Buzz.

  1. Hey….guess what, according to the calendar, tonight’s the night!
    Funny how the apparent gravitational pull can be mistaken for energy ‘coming from’ the moon eh?
    But the moon has no energy of it’s own, it only reflects the sun’s energy.
    Somewhat like the mind is but a mere reflection of the real power the I Am, which is Consciousness/Awareness…the ONLY real power.
    Without this Conscious Observer, Me, no sun, no moon, no galaxies!


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