In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.”

The thing that has most impact on me when it comes to maintaining a handle on my inner perspective is meditation.  To clarify what that means to me,   I would have to describe the duality of my reality..

There is all the activity that I perceive in my waking life from the moment I rise in the morning to my final blink before sleep:  during which my personality responds to a whole mess of stimuli.  Anything from finding a baby snake in the shower to my dog eating freshly bought chicken breasts. Internally there is an I that is witness to all of it, and that I knows that it is timeless and is watching the grand charade of life play itself out.  It is my meditations that strengthen my sense of this I that witnesses all things.  When disturbing stimuli attempts of gain my attention I can give it with a certain detachment as I am reminded that the activities are less true than the embracing I that is there and keeping the peace in the wake of it all.

I am not as disciplined as I would like to be;  this is the mental I that I now speak of,  and I am easily distracted, so my meditations are often on and off,  but I notice a big difference when I get regular with the practice.  I am on an even keel,  I feel the contentment of inner peace,  and I approach the world  far more lovingly and without fear.

Meditation has the biggest impact on me, my life and how I view it.

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  1. A meditation master once told my husband that creating art is the highest form of meditation. I know that when I do it, I go to a timeless place and the creation of the piece removes all other worry from my mind. I am too restless to sit still and meditate. “Doing” without a plan is what forms my meditation.

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